The premier of SCANDAL and How to get away with murder tonight

Who will be watching the premiere of scandal. I know I well! I have been addicted to this show since the first episode air back in April 5, 2012.

I have six questions I need answered from scandal tonight. Where did Olivia Pope go? What's going happen with her relationship with the president? Will the president ever find out that his oldest son is not his and he is really his brother? Will Mellie tell her husband the truth about their son? What is going on with Huck and Quinn's relationship? Will Olivia and Jake end up together?

It is by far one of the most watch show in ABC history. Shonda Rimes is an amazing writer and has a brand new show airing tonight called " How to get away with murder ". I'm sure this show will be just as good as scandal and probably one of my new addictions. 

I just can't wait for tonight, getting all my snack together. Follow me on Twitter @a4laa I will be talking about the shows tonight on Twitter.

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