Review of the PicStik By Great Gadgets Inc.

Hello Readers

I thought the selfie stick would be something I wouldn't use. I have literally have not put it down since I have gotten it in the mail. It take amazing pictures and videos at a click of a button.

I received the PicStik from Great Gadgets Inc. to test their product. Here are my top five features that I enjoy about the PicStik:

1. The PicStik is three feet long.

2. Can be used for photos or videos.

3. I like that it has a strip for your wrist which makes it easier to carry around and not loss it.

4. I love the color of the PicsStick.

5. The over all best part is the price of the PicStik is only $19.99 at Amazon.

Here are some pictures where i was using my PicStik

In the picture above, I'm about to get everyone in the Photo!

I love this picture! My selfie game is getting better thanks to my PicStik!

You can purchase the PicStik right from this link.

Here is my Review on the PicStik

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