Aleisha Ashton Photography (A Family Portraits)

Hello Readers

 Since, I was about seven years old I have always played around with a camera.  I love photography and taking photo's and watching my vision come to life.  I want to keep making visions come to life for others too.

My good friend, asked me to do her families portraits at Solo Point in Tacoma, WA. I felt so lucky she asked me to them for her.  The vision that she wanted me to capture was nature and family in her photos. She felt like I did that in her photo's below.

Here is the view Solo Point in Tacoma, WA.

Photo's of the  two older Kids:

 They love each other so much!


The three of the children all together:

 Their smiles are so big! 

 They are happy to welcome their little sister.

 One happy family.

 To be loved by a little brother.

 The bond they will share will be unbreakable.

 All in it together!

 Look the joy in all if their faces.

 One big happy family!

 Look up little princess! 

The little Model in the family!

They couldn't be happier about their new sister.

 Just too cute!

 Nothing like having siblings!

 A families love!

 I love the look on the sweet baby girl's face.

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