God's Eye Review

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Gods Eye is a romance thriller between three people. Katherine is a human woman who get wrapped up in two men name Alistair and Zachary. Katherine has to choose which man is best for her. Ultimately, the choices she makes seem to be good at the time, because she isn’t thinking about the long-term affects. The choice don't seem as easy as she thought it would be, because she's never had to make her own choices in her life before. She's had a good life! Her family has taken care of her and provided everything she could've ever needed. Now she finds herself in love triangle and she doesn't know which man to choose. Whoever she chooses could have the worst consequences or the best. She could lose everything!

I think that the title is absolutely perfect for this book. Just thinking about some of the choice I have made in life has been wrong. You really have to look at the long term with every choice you make. The wrong choice can hinder your life and make things worst. Making good choices that have a positive outlook is best.

It's definitely a good read a great book check it out you guys

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 This information was from the author site:http://www.ajscudiere.com/books-and-products/gods-eye/

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