COUPON CODES for Amazon!

Hello Readers

I was lucky to get some coupons for discount on some Amazon products. Below are the product  discount codes that I received to share with my readers. I hope you use them, please let me know in the comments.

I love getting discounts and saving money. You should too, keep reading my blog for more discounts

Coupon1: 25% Off FuzzyGreen Cute Bear Fleece Dog Hoodie Coat

Promo Code: 4TFAHZZI,

Expired 11/27/2015

Coupon 2:
15% money off Fast Jewelry Fluffy Diamond Iphone 6 case

Promo Code: 4EIAUQ6U,

Expired 11/08/2015

Coupon 3: 30% Off Gravydeals Nokia N535 Slim Fit Soft TPU Case

Promo Code: RON35N8Y,

Expired at 11/24/2015

Coupon 4:
20% Off Gravydeals Samsung Galaxy J5 Flexible TPU Case

 Promo Code: XL2SLI3V,

Expired at 11/24/2015

P.S. I have so many new things happen! Stay tone guys!

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