Happy Earth Day 🌎

Hello Readers

It's earth day! Here are three things you can do right now to help the earth! We need the earth and we have to take care of it!!

1. Donate your clothing! Really just donate anything you might throw away.

 It just doesn't make sense to throw away good clothing. Someone else could use! So just give them away! You can also sell them too.

Places to donate:

Great news when you donate you could also get a tax write-off.

2. Buy second-hand clothing!

Why? Because people buy way too much clothing and then throw it away. All of that clothing could of went to the goodwill.  You should feel better knowing it will go to someone who wants it. If you like shopping, you can buy twice as much at a thrift store!

Places to shop:

google local stores

3. Plant a garden!

Grow your own food and teach you children. We live in a world where you can get anything at your heart wants. Learning how to garden, makes you more aware of how we need to care for the earth.

I hope you like my three ideas! Enjoy earth day!!

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