Shakespearmint & Agatha Chris Tea

Hello Readers

I am a big tea drinker! I have a cup of tea each day! Check out my video below!

My video review!

More Information about the Tea:

Every month a new themed series of Collect Teables will be released, such as musicians, philosophers, politicians, or even animals.  Each series of teas is drawn by a different artists in their unique style. As a subscriber, you’ll receive a new themed series of tea every month. The teas make great gifts and fit perfectly in The TeaBook – a revolutionary way to store, share and serve tea.
With Collect Teables, your tea foils will never be boring.  The front of each Tea Wrapper will contain only the title and type of tea contained inside -- the minimum labeling required by the U.S. FDA -- and the artists signature.  The reverse of each tea foil contains a fun and slightly modified quote related to the tea (and the usual information you would expect to find on any tea foil.)

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