Couple's Meditation

Hello Readers,

I wanted to share something special with everyone today. My partner and I have been trying to find ways to connect on a deeper level. Meditation was my first choice for us. Meditation is a mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. My goal with my partner is to be spiritual connect to one another. Life is very busy and you have to make time for each other to have that type of connection.

In our meditation together we used charka stones on each other. Charkas are energy centers along your spine. The seven main chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. They are tied to physical and emotional problems in the body. If these chakras are blocked due to an emotional upset, such as conflict, loss, or accident. Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of a chakra block. When blocks happens in the body, a disruption in the flow of energy through the chakras is the result.

Now that I explained meditation and charkas, let's get to the good stuff. I will explain my version of couple's meditation and how we did it. You want to find a place that has a meaning to the couple. For us that place would be our bedroom (where we spend most of our time). Turn on your healing chakra music before starting your meditation.

We first cleansed the room by burning two whole bay leafs and placing them into a jar. Leave the lid off the jar. Once that is done, we set on the ground face to face. Make sure you are comfortable, because you will be in this spot for 15 minutes.

Clear your mind (very important) and think of the happiest moments of the partner. If you and your partner are trying to work through a hard time. State your intentions or goal of the meditation. This will help keep the mind focused on healing.

Once face to face. Place your hands in your partners and repeat this intention statement.

Repeat Five times...

I am loved and appreciated

My happiness is my own

Love connects us and make us whole

Compassion and understanding

Is what I offer you

Excepted me as I AM

Respect and honesty

Will pour out of me

Our love will grow

Take your time and don't rush this experience with your partner. Relax, breathe deep and enjoy this connection on the spiritual level. We meditate for a few more minutes in total silence.

Then we place the chakra stones on the different chakras of the body. To clear our energy and minds. When placing them, keep your mind clear and peaceful. After doing this on each person, we burn two more bay leafs. We ask the creator to guide us on our journey together.

I have link the meditation music, stones and leaves below!⬇️

Meditation Music:"></a>

Chakra Stones:"></a>

Bay Leaves:"></a>

If you need a full guided Couples Meditation look on YouTube! But here is my favorite meditation on YouTube.

 I hope this helps at least one couple!



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