INNX Camping Chair Review

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  • Compact and heavy duty Light weight Mountaineering folding camping chair. Easy to carry, good for camping or road trip. You can put it in the Car, RVs, Vans,or cart .
  • Comfy and deep seat. Ergonomic design for comfort seating. Feel much relax when you go fishing, camping, or watching soccer games etc.
  • Extra pocket at side panels, Easy access for Beers, Bottles ,Smart phones, Magazines, Kindle,or Ipad etc.
  • Cool mesh design helps to offer extra comfort in hot summer or beach site, this is very important for those who are easy to sweat.
  • All RORAIMA product is life time warranty, if you have any questions, pls feel free to contact with our custom service team. Thanks again to buy RORAIMA products.

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